January 3, 2014
Kalinda’s Nick Problem

Kalinda’s Nick Problem


What say you fans of CBS’ The Good Wife — is this year’s plot with Kalinda’s estranged husband Nick to blame?

This terrible unresolved relationship could explain Kalinda’s cold,…

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December 15, 2013
The Birth of Instant ReplayIt’s hard to imagine anything more fundamental to watching sports on television than instant…View Post

The Birth of Instant Replay

It’s hard to imagine anything more fundamental to watching sports on television than instant…

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July 22, 2013
The Slog of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ was Worth it For this Comic Con Trailer

I pretty much checked out of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ for good last season, though my interest started to wane long before that. However, I watched enough episodes to appreciate this Comic Con trailer for the final season.

In the hilarious new trailer…

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April 6, 2012
Pitching The Muppets

Above is the original network television pitch reel created by Jim Henson to sell The Muppet Show to CBS. The reel features a character named Leo, who originally starred in the Muppet Meeting Films, which was a series of bizarre corporate training videos made by Henson. 

Leo says, “Small children will love the cute cuddly characters. Young people will love the fresh innovative comedy. College kids and intellectual eggheads will love the underlying symbolism of everything. Freaky long hair, dirty, cynical hippies will love our freaky long hair, dirty, cynical Muppets.”

Right from the get go, it seems that Henson knew exactly who the show was intended for. It feels like Pixar just took a page right from the Henson playbook. [via TDW]

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